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Your Source for Handmade Natural Healing Bracelets and Tibetan Malas.

What has started out as a hobby has become your source for handmade bracelets and Tibetan Malas. Making the bracelets and Tibetan Malas brings the love and healing of natural gemstones and mixes it with our love of essential oils.

Custom pieces are all made with intention for the wearer. Beads are specifically chosen and hand strung or hand knotted with intention.


Click here to request pricing for custom designs.

Explore the Horoscope Collection
Bracelets designed to compliment the wearers astrological zodiac.

Explore the Intentions Collection

Beautiful natural gemstone bracelets with a hidden scroll holder to keep you mindful & focused on your goals.

Explore the Planetary Collection
Zodiac themed bracelets that 
correspond with the celestial body.

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