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Throat chakra is located on the spine, in the throat area and is associated with communication/expression abilities. Physically, it is linked to the vocal cords. When weak, it may cause communication problems, or an inability to express your feelings and ideas. Overactive may result in negative speaking, criticizing & over-reacting.

Throat Chakra oil mini

  • Since lava beads are porous jewelry and can come into direct contact with the skin, it's important to ensure that you adequately dilute your essential oil with a carrier prior to application to the beads/stones. Otherwise, the undiluted essential oil may cause a risk of irritation and sensitization. It is recommended to use 1 to 2 drops per bracelet. The scent will carry for the whole day, if not more.


    The use of essential oils with your stones can have health benefits and can help with anxiety, headaches, depression, allergies and migraines. Wearing the full 7 chakra bracelet will give you a better balance overall. Wear one of my single chakra bracelets to help more in specific areas. Custom orders available. Please contact me for design and pricing on your very own zen inspired piece specifically designed for you.

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